Azapharm is a management consulting firm, helping life science companies and entrepreneurs make a global impact on healthcare.  Specializing in market development, Azapharm was founded by Aurore Andre, in order to support people and players in the medical innovation and healthcare industry with challenges linked to innovation and technology. 

We have a unique DNA. We like to think of everyone we work with as a partner and get hands-on and into the trenches with them. 

With our team of experts and strategists, we are positioned to provide tailored, agile and timely support in each step on your path to develop better healthcare products and services and to bring them to market. We provide our partners and clients with a complete growth strategy (marketing, business models, ecosystem building, commercialization etc.), as well as tactical and operational plans. We can also step-in and execute some of the operations as the need arises. 

Our background allows us to operate seamlessly in both European and Israeli cultures and markets, thus building a bridge for European innovators to the “Startup Nation” (and vice versa). We rely on our experience and on our analytic understanding of health and technological markets and their key players, to construct a complete ecosystem and a supporting environment for each of our clients and partners.

The synergic, systemic and integrative approach is at the heart of Azapharm methodology and is implemented by a multidisciplinary team of experts in Life-Sciences specializing in operational strategy of conditioning, penetration, and market development.