Integrating and synergizing a team
of healthcare experts devoted to
your business development success


Wide-range knowledge and comprehension

(Multidisciplinary understanding of the demand)

  • Multiple examinations of the request
  • Identification of relevant environmental and health sectors
  • Scope determination
  • Azapharm synthesis:
    – Rewording of the demand
    – Consideration of key questions and objectives
    – Suggestions and recommendations


Collaborative analysis

  • Multiple information collection: sources (bibliography, players) and fields (scientific, medical, technologic, market, strategic)
  • Multifocal analysis of data and interactions (business-medical-scientific-marketing)
  • Targeted identification of key players
  • Identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis)
  • Report


Integrated and customized resolution

  • Comprehensive answer on all dimensions
  • Multidimensional (Strategic – tactical – operational) and collaborative recommendations



  • Multifocal action plan
  • Management of key players
  • Performance analysis