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AI In Healthcare: The Good, The Bad, And The Impact

A recent article, posted on Linkedin by Aurore Andre, CEO of Azapharm reviews the use of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare: pros, cons and the path forward.

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing industries, with sector funding up by 108% in 2021. Among those investments and developments are applications for medical care and hospital administration. So, what is MedTech AI?  How is it used?  What are the pros and cons? And can we harness it responsibly?

What is AI in Healthcare?

Medical AI systems use artificial intelligence to improve the workload of medical professionals and the patient experience. They are a big deal for large hospital systems and health insurance providers that can make use of data collection, research, and customer service tools. In some cases, AI is used to enhance or fine tune diagnostics and personalize treatment.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Currently Applied In Medical Settings?

A big focus of AI in healthcare is the idea of bringing in systems to do tedious admin, organizational jobs, filing, research tasks, and similar roles. This ties in with the rise in smart apps for a better customer experience and health monitoring. Recent data shows 350 AI-based devices approved for use in the U.S alone. While it’s not a lot, it’s a start.


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